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michael G P meyer
Updated :
December 2, 2009
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Windows XP, 2000, 98

Ezy Pascal Publisher's Description

Learn computer programming.

By michael G P meyer about Ezy Pascal

Start learning to program with this affordable, easy to use application that allows you to Focus on learning the Pascal language and core programming skills.

Easy to use

Ezy Pascal is very easy to use. Programs are written and run in the same window, there are no executable files created. Running a program takes just one mouse click - it does'nt get any simpler than that!

Watch your program as it executes

Ezy Pascal allows you to view your program and it's output as the program runs. You can pause Execution and then step through the program statement by statement. Ezy Pascal shows you which statement is going to execute next by the position of the cursor. This is useful for understanding how programs execute.

Easy to understand compile-time and run-time errors

Compile-time errors are easy to understand. An error message appears at the bottom of the window and the cursor is positioned at the start of the source code item that caused the error. Also after a compile-time or run-time error you can press F1 to view the help Topic for the error.

Ezy Pascal can also show you where in the program a run-time error occurred and where execution halted if you stop execution. For run-time range errors, the value that caused the error is also shown in the error message.
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